Lower Abs Exercises

Lower abs exercises are an extremely important part of anyone’s exercise routine, yet at the same time are some of the hardest exercises to find correct, useful information on.

This is for of several reasons: Firstly, the challenges in working the area, as require very specific movements which are often replicated incorrectly. Secondly, due to lack of knowledge and understanding, sometimes even found in ‘fitness professionals’. And yet, they are a very important muscle group to train, for if ignored or mis-practiced, an imbalance between muscles is likely to develop, which in turn could lead to misalignment of body and/or even injury if not corrected.


Important stuff!


I’m here to set the record straight. Unlike most Fitness Professionals, not only am a fully qualified Advanced Personal Trainer (with a qualification and a BSc in sport and exercise), I am also a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist. This gives me the unique point of view and knowledge on best exercise practice to obtain the best possible results, with your optimum health as the primary focus. And not forgetting 5 years of professional experience. I will show you what are the best lower abs exercises to achieve best abdominal results and give overall body balance to achieve true health!

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