Weight loss

Will lower abs exercises slim my belly?

A lot of people believe that if you work out your abs and midsection, that will burn fat and lose fat around the belly. This would mean simply doing crunches would be the best way to get rid of the tyre rings around the stomach. Let me tell you once and for all….


This is not true!


From now on, if you are walking into the gym, and wandering what exercises to do to lose weight off the stomach, don’t spend the whole session doing ab curls/sit ups/ crunches or whatever. You will be, pretty much, wasting your time. That is not to say training abs has no benefit, of course it does. But not if your goal is weight loss.

The idea is known as spot training: if you train a specific muscle, fat around the area will be metabolized and utilized for the exercise, causing weight loss to happen in the local area. For example, when doing abs exercises, your belly will slim up. Or another common misconception is if train triceps through tricep extentions, tricep dips, kickbacks, skull crushers or whatever, will get rid of bingo wings. Again, I am sorry to tell you, this is NOT the case.

So much research has been done on the area, and has been illustrated time after time, spot training does NOT work for weight loss. Period! So please stop doing for weight loss. And tell people at your gym to stop as well, because I can guarantee that people will be doing it, continuing to do it.

What lower abs exercises WILL do to your fat on the belly

What lower abs exercises will do to your belly is strengthen, tone and (depending on intensity) increase size of abs muscles themselves (rectus abdominus). These are all great things, however if your fitness goal is weight loss, and already have significant adipose tissue (fancy term for fat) on top of abs, this can actually be counter productive to getting that slim belly. Reason why is because if increase the tonicity (definition) or the size of the abs, would create more volume under the layer of fat, making your belly seem bigger!… The last thing you want when trying to slim up.

So please stop doing abs exercise for weight loss.



So what should I do for weight loss around the abs?


The most effective training for weight loss around the abs section, or any part of the body for that matter, is CARDIO.


There is no two ways about this. Cardio (short for cardiovascular exercise) using whole body exercises is the best way to get fat off the abs, and any other part of the body. Using large amounts of muscles, repetitively at a higher intensity (all else being equal/healthy) is the best way to lose fat around the belly.


Using lower abs exercises and whole body cardio work great for achieving great looking abs.